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At last we hear you cry …. tree protection fencing service now available

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After listening to the many requests from their house building customers, Richard Hall Ltd are delighted to offer the supply and installation of tree protection fencing as an additional service to their tree and site clearance services.

And it’s proving to be a real hit.  Customers feel it makes their life easier dealing with one less contractor and they feel it speeds up the time completing the clearance process so the ground workers are able to get in and start on site.  Having just completed their fourth tree protection fencing installation they are thrilled with the positive comments to date.

Richard Hall Ltd are able to offer two specifications of fencing.  Please visit the Tree Protection Fencing page for more detailed information or contact Jon Challinor in the office on 01491 414200 to discuss your fencing needs. 

For more information please call us on 01189 834 342