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Komatsu PC210LC Long Reach Excavator

The newest addition to our fleet - The Komatsu PC210LC 15 meter long reach excavator makes easy work of any difficult to access areas. With its versatile uses of mulching banks and clearing out deep lagoons we are excited to have this new monster on board. Comes with a complete set of buckets and can be fitted with an Engcon tilt rotator, timber grab etc. Can also be fitted with an AHWI mulcher head.

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Volvo EC180 1.5 tonne Excavator

The smallest of the fleet the 1.5 tonne mini Excavator will make light work where access is tight.



Volvo EC55C 5 tonne Excavator

The 5 tonne Excavator is popular on sites where some of the larger machines are unable to gain access and for agricultural ground works projects such as trenching and scraping.



Volvo ECR88D 8 tonne Excavator

One of the hardest working and popular of the fleet the 8 tonne Excavator is very adaptable due to its large range of attachments. From a grab to a flail, its versatility proves invaluable.



Volvo EC140B 14 tonne Excavator

One of two 14 tonne Excavators in the fleet this machine is a real work horse. Where access is no issue it will work hard and at speed.

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Volvo EC140C 14 tonne Excavator

The second of the two 14 tonne Excavators in the fleet this machine is hard working and popular on sites where access is no issue. Similar to the 8 tonne Excavator it is very versatile with its huge range of attachments and is a valuable machine in getting the job done. From the wood cracker to the tree shear attachment, this Excavator is a real show stopper.



Volvo EC180DL 18 tonne Excavator

The largest of the fleet the 18 tonne Excavator will make light work. A popular machine for agricultural groundwork projects where access is not a problem it will work hard and at speed.



Wacker Neuson 6 tonne Dumper

This 6 tonne wheeled dumper has everything a powerful workhorse needs.



Volvo Roller

The Volvo roller has superior drum width and high frequency to help with faster rolling speeds and high performance for compacting material such as soil and crush concrete.



Mustang Skid Steer

The very versatile Mustang skid steer comes into its own with mulching and stump grinding attachments. The tracked skid steer will tackle the most difficult of ground conditions and its compact design allows access to some of the tightest sites.

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JCB Agricultural Telehandler

Complete with bucket and forks the JCB telehandler tackles the heaviest of loads with ease.



John Deere Tractor

The smallest of the Tractors in the fleet the John Deere tractor with its flail, stump grinding and trailing abilities is perfect for mulching, flailing and moving machinery and materials.

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Fendt Tractor

The big daddy of Tractors this 390hp beast trails and powers Richard Hall Ltd’s largest wood chipper, making light work of chipping the biggest of trees.



Heizohack Wood Chipper

Powered by the Fendt Tractor this Heizohack Wood Chipper can chip timber up to 20” in diameter making light work of chipping the biggest of trees. With a crane installed on the chipper it’s able to load timber itself without the need for an Excavator.

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Forst Wood Chipper

The Forst wood chipper is ideal for tighter access sites and chips its way through trees up to 8” in diameter. Its compact tracked design make it the ideal choice for arboricultural work.

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Ultra Trommel Screener

The ‘3 way’ split Ultra Trommel Screener offers a compact three grade screen that can be loaded and operated from one side, a first in a screen of its class. The unit features a variable speed feed hopper and a 10ft x 4ft double vibrating deck allowing for high screening rates and handling of a full range of materials including waste, soils, glass, metals and wood chips.

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Volvo 8 Wheeler Hook Lift Lorry

The 8 wheeler hook lift lorry is incredibly adaptable and is able to haul a variety of loads with different configuration. Everything from green waste to crushed concrete can be hauled with 20 yard, 40 yard and 50 yard roll off n on bins. A steel bodied trailer can alternatively be attached to haul bulkier materials such as whole timber. The low loader trailer can also be attached to transport machinery with everything from Tractors to Exacavators.



Volvo Artic Lorry

The artic lorry unit works on the heavier haulage needs. The steel bodied trailer can be attached to haul bulkier materials such as whole timber whilst the largest of the trailers, the walking floor, can haul in the region of 27 tonnes of wood chip in a single trip.

Komatsu PC210LC Long Reach Excavator

Volvo EC140B Grab Attachment

Mustang Skid Steer Stump Grinding

Jonh Deere Tractor & Mulcher

Heizohack Wood Chipper

Forst Tracked Wood Chipper

Ultra Trommel Screener

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